Board Games Based on Golf

The world of sports can offer a number of possibilities when it comes to designing an inventive and fun board game. While most board games will deal with situations which involve an element of fantasy, whether it be another world or having vast sums of money in this one, board games which are based on sports allow players to partake in a variation of a game which exists today. This allows players to have all the fun of their favorite sports within the comfort of their own homes, perfect for a rainy day or when one is stuck at home, sick in bed.

Golf is one of these sports which will translate well into a board game. Much of the appeal of golf comes in the form of navigating the terrain of the course as well as the strength and direction of the wind. On top of all of this, one must decide what the best club to use is. All of these strategic decisions come into play before one even makes an attempt to hit the ball. This translates well into a board game, for deciding exactly what to do before one even makes a move is a common element to board games.

Golf Masters is one golfing board game which gives players a lot of elements to control during their game. In this game, six different components can be combined to create an 18 hole golf course. Players will control a little metal golfer in this game, placing them on the board and using a small little handle on the back of the golfer to hit a fluffy white ball serving as the golf ball. By avoiding hazards and sinking the ball into the hole, players score points. Just as in regular golf, the player with the lowest score at the end of the game will win. This is a fun, creative take on playing golf as it simulates much of a traditional golf course for the players to deal with.

Box of Golf is another board game that can simulate the thrill of golf right in a player’s living room. A finely detailed collectors item, Box of Golf is a fully playable game which allows players to adapt their course into something new every time they play! By purchasing expansion sets, they can develop new holes, which can be fit into their current line up at will.

In Box of Golf, players will approach each hole by evaluating the problems which are presented. Then, as if determining the club that they wish to hit the ball with, the player will decide which dice and how many of each to roll. The ball is then tracked on the board to determine where it will land. The player who completes the hole in the lowest number of moves will win that hole. However, there are obstacles present throughout the game. Each player competes for differently colored gems, which can affect how far the ball goes as well as the effects that will take place. By winning holes, players can collect these gems. Spending them will help the outcome of the game. It provides a unique approach to the game of golf, covering all of the basics but providing a little something extra to the players to contend with.

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